How To: Clean Your Burner & Keep It Looking Like New!

One of the easiest ways to clean your wax burner is to light your tea light and let it burn for a minute or so, this allows the bottom layer of wax to slightly melt which then lets you slide the wax straight out of the burner, this method is probably the least messy and one of the easiest ways you can change your scents! You can then use a cotton pad/ball to absorb the little excess that's left in the burner or use a bit of tissue/kitchen towel to blitz the burner of the residue. You can also let the wax fully melt then soak it all up again using cotton pads/balls, this is just as simple as the first method however is more convenient if you want to get one last use out of the current scent in your burner, soak it all up once you're done burning it and your burner will be as good as new and ready to burn the next scent without little bits of the previous scent sitting there. It's careful not to let the burner get too hot to ensure you don't burn yourself, don't let the tealight burn for too long before touching it or ensure you're wearing gloves to prevent burns. 

Leaving solid wax sitting in your burner for long periods of time can discolour your burner so you should regularly clean the burner and change your melts! How often you do clean them is completely down to you and each person differs however we recommend you do so after changing your wax melts just to keep the residue off and keep it clean, this method also allows you to enjoy the full fragrance of the new wax melts you melt! It'll also make the dish’s longevity increase as it's being properly looked after!

Cleaning an electric burner is even easier than a tealight one as sometimes its easy to knock your tea lights meaning residue gets stuck inside the burner which is always a pain to get into all the nooks and crannies to clean! Simply turn your electric burner on and follow one of the two steps above! So easy and simple.

How Do I Clean The Electric Burner?

We have received this question a quite a few times so here is the step by step to guide to making sure you are cleaning your electric burner correctly and safely.

Step 1: Making Sure You Remove The Heat Dish

Make sure you are NOT cleaning your heat dish with it sitting on top of your burner as this could cause electrical faults or even cause a fire hazard in the future.

Please ensure you have safely removed your heat dish before you attempt adding any liquid to the dish.

Step 2: Soak Your Heat Dish

After removing the heat dish from the burner place in hot soapy water for around 15-30 seconds making sure to use a soft sponge to clean all the excess wax. After the first clean leave to dry and repeat this process until there is next to no residue.

Once this step has been completed use cold water to reset any micro wax that is left behind, remember that you may not always have micro wax left behind, this stage is to maximise a deep clean.

Dry heat dish with a dry flannel and leave aside to ensure there is not water in or around the heat dish.

Step 3: Place Heat Dish Back On Your Burner

Making sure your burner is dry place you heat dish on your burner and set your burner to the highest setting and wait 30-60 seconds. This will melt any residue wax which you should take kitchen roll to soak up.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Next Scent With No Cross Over

You've successfully cleaned your electric burner without setting your house on fire and that calls for a celebration. Take your new wax melt and place it in the heat dish and then sit back and relax whilst enjoying your new scent melt away releasing it's lovely non mixed aroma.

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