How To: Get £5 Off Your Next Order!

Yes the title is correct, it’s not a typo it’s an easy way to get £5 off your next purchase on any MyMelts product and it’s simple.

We are always looking for new images to use on our social platforms as well as on our websites and not only will you get £5 off if we use your image but you will also get a nice shout out from us as a small thank you.

Our customer base has been absolutely amazing with all the lovely messages left after using our products, so we thought it’d be great to give something back.

How Can I Claim My £5?

There are 3 ways you can claim your £5 off code, these are listed below:

  1. Send us your photo on Facebook
  2. Contact us via email
  3. Share your photo on Instagram and tag us
It really is that easy.

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