How To: Get The Most Scent Out Of Your Wax Melts!

Before we go in depth with the how to the first point you should know is you can go slightly nose blind! If you consistently melt the same scent and begin to think they smell weaker or maybe you can't smell them at all, alternate your scents, this will help fight the natural anosmia which happens when we're exposed to the same scent all the time. Even Though you may not smell your favourite scent anymore, it's very likely friends and family will smell it if they come to visit as it's a scent they are not used to smelling frequently!

Why Are Your Melts Are Losing There Smell?

One of the most not thought about reasons to why you may not be getting the most from your melts is because of an unclean burner. We'd recommend cleaning your burner after every scent change to prevent scents mixing with one another. You can read our blog about how to properly clean your burner.

How To Prevent The Loss Of Scent

Naturally, you can soak up any wax you believe has no scent left in it anymore, however you can choose to slip out the solid wax and keep it until after you've melted a new fragrance to see if it has any more life left in it and you'd just gone nose blind to it!

You can also use a timer method, you can set it for certain times of the day which you want to have the most scent, you control when the scent gets released therefore maximizing the uses you're getting from it! Most burners take no longer than 20-30 minutes to fully melt the wax, so turn it off once it's melted as the scent will still circulate until it's cooled right back down! You wont need to turn it back on until you can't smell the scent anymore!

Main Cause To Losing Scents

Many people take the lazy approach and instead of cleaning their burner after each use, they just chuck another cube in with the old wax, this does not maximize the scent of most wax melts, this is because the cleaner dish the better the result! Also, there is no point in melting whilst there's food cooking as this will usually always overpower the melts making it slightly pointless and a waste.

To keep your scents staying strong we recommend keeping them in an air tight container or putting the melts back in the package it came in. This will keep the scent trapped and when ready to use smelling as amazing as ever.

Another way to keep your scents smelling strong is to keep them stored in a cool area such as a cupboard or separate fridge (please try to keep away from food) as this will optimise the scents strength and will help with the release when melting.

Key Round Up

Make sure you are performing regular maintenance to your burners to ensure the life of your melts last longer. Don't forget to clean any excess wax from the burners dish and use a mixture of hot and cold water to ensure a deep clean. Store wax melts in a cool space to maximise the melts use. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd ever like to know more or get a step by step guide sent over, we are always happy to help.

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