How To: Help The Environment When Using Our Products

MyMelts are all about being eco friendly and we hope you can be too. The first step we are taking is we are using biodegradable glitter within our wax melts along with recyclable snap pots and soon to be snap bar packaging and we need your help to stay green. Our snap bar clamshells are manufactured in the U.K. and are made of 700 micron plastic. Not only are they 100% recyclable they are also made with 88% recycled plastic however reusing them before recycling them helps the planet that little bit more! 

We are also trying our absolute hardest to make sure all the glitter we use is biodegradable, at the minute around 60% is however its so difficult to find a variety of colours, shapes etc so we will continue to increase this percentage however it's still a small improvement and a step in the right direction!

How You Can Help?

You can help us by reusing your clamshell pots and bars! Simply send them back to us in the post with the CLP sticker still intact on the back, this allows us to re use them and pour the same scent back into the clamshell! You will be reimbursed with a 10% discount code for every 3 empty clamshells returned as a thankyou for sending them back, this makes a massive difference to the amount of wasted plastic that goes into oceans etc! Our packaging is recyclable anyway however re using them benefits us and the environment that little more which we know everyone loves to do!

What Can We Do With Your Help?

Every time you send back packaging it helps make our business that little bit more green, it also cuts down our costs slightly whilst allowing our customers to benefit from it, our aim is to be as eco friendly as we possibly can which is why we're making baby steps to make this happen!

We also hope that we can use our platforms to set an example and encourage others to re use their plastic where possible, especially where it isn't recyclable. We hope we have an impact on others who may be able to offer the same but haven't thought of the idea yet or they simply didn't realise it was an option, this will help make an even bigger impact on the cut down on plastic.

Why We Are Asking For Your Help

We are asking you to help us because around 8million tonnes of plastic goes into our oceans every year, there are estimated to be over 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste floating around in our oceans, we want to help this as much as we can, we may be a little business but if more people made these small changes itd make a massive difference & we really want to encourage everyone to think about the little things we can change that don't even affect our lives! - plastic pollution can also now be found on every single beach in the world, this includes tropical islands so when you next step on a sandy beach, think about the little changes you could be doing to make a difference. Over 50% of plastic that gets wasted is used for single use purposes, so the hope of our regular customers constantly reusing their clamshells, especially as we get bigger means we can have a slight impact on helping to lower this statistic 

Easy Process With A Small Cost

So here's how recycling your clamshells would work!

  • We will provide our return address for you to post back the empty clams ( these are so light without the product in so the postage should be so inexpensive ) we do advise for our regular customers to let them build up & save the discount until you're needing a big top up of melts to make full use of the discount!
  • Once we receive them, we will send you your unique discount code via email, the discount should save you more than you’ve spent on postage!
  • For every 3 empty clamshells (pots or bars ) you'll get 10% off, for example if you send back 9 clamshells, you'd receive 30% off etc! ( max saving is 50% )
  • Finally, you shop our melts and treat yourself using the discount code!

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