How To: Help Us Build Our Brand

This article isn't just for our current customers, this is to anyone that loves to support small businesses. We are asking those supporters to help us share future content, share our social posts and just help us out with getting more and more people to see us.

 We are on a mission to help small businesses such as ourselves and if you are a proud small business owner we'd love to help you. If you contact us with your business name you could be featured in our next article, as well as being featured in our social media posts where over 2,500 people will be able to see you.

Sharing Our Posts

Sharing our posts is an amazing way for you to be helping us build our brand and get us found by more and more people, not only sharing blog posts but our social posts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you own your own small business then please just drop us a message, we'd be privileged to share other businesses as we know how hard it is to get more exposure.

Become A Guest Blogger

If you want to be featured in our blog you can send us your submission using our contact form. We'd love to hear what your business does and so does our 2,000+ monthly visitors.

Guest blogging is an amazing way to share your business and for MyMelts to have more content for it's blog. If you have a product/service that we believe is to be spoken about we will happily use your content here on our website. learn more.

Guest Posting Guidelines

If you want to submit your content then there are a few rules/guidelines we'd like you to consider. learn more.

  • Your content must not contain links to product pages
  • There should only be one main link to your homepage
  • We will not accept anything less than 800 words
  • Please don't send Wax Melt content over to us
  • Send an author bio

What Do We Get From Your Writing

We don't actually want anything, other than to help business owners get more exposure, we may ask for a link on the writers website or even just to get some more shares on our socials but this is not always the case.

The more submissions we get the better we will feel, as other businesses deserver the exposure. Our experience from running a small business has been amazing, we've met soo many fantastic businesses that deserver to be found and we want to help make that possible.

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