News: Big Plans For The New Year 2021!

By January 1st we’re aiming for so so many new and exciting things! The first thing is for all of our products to all be created using only biodegradable glitter! Whilst this is something we're slowly in the process of doing now, we aim for this to be 100% in force by the start of 2021!

We're also aiming to change the packaging of our bars to clamshell bars, these will match the snap pots and will look so much more tidy and sleek, as well as save us so much time packaging each bar individually, this means more time can go into creating new scents and more new products!

Our selection of burners is one of the biggest things we've wanted to expand for a long time now however, to do this requires a lot of stock! So the new year we aim to have a wider variety of not just ceramic burners but electric burners too so there'll be something for everybody!

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