News: Products That Are In The Pipeline?

We have so many new product ideas for 2021 but here are the ones we are confident in getting on our shelves soon.

Reed Diffusers

We have been experimenting with reed diffusers and have added our first set on our shop for our customers to purchase. We are relying on our customers feedback to see what/where we can improve on to make our product better.

We hope to have a finished product by the end of May 2021, with a the full range of scents from our Snapbar collection to be sold as reed diffusers.

Scented Shake & Vac

Shake and vac carpet cleaner is something we look to be working on for personal use as we are confident that we can make a scented shake and vac powder that lasts longer than the leading markets currently out there.

If you've used out wax melts then you'll know that quality is our number one priority, this hasn't and will not change for future products. We would like to get this product on our shelves early next year with a buy one get one free offer.

Exfoliating Sponges

Okay we'd be telling porkies if we said we haven't tried this before, the problem was that we used the wrong type of soap (awkward we know) and this caused the sponge to look... Well lets be honest you wouldn't look at it and say "I'll put this on my body" however, it worked really well (from experience) and left you smelling great.

We will be trying this again and we are determined to get the product right!

Is That All?

We have ideas that we unfortunately won't be sharing until we are confident in the items working. We will however make sure to keep you lovely people up to date.

If you've made it this far then we'd like to thank you for your custom and just for sticking around. Use code: REED10 for 10% off all reed diffusers.


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