News: What Are The Future Plans For Heavens Scents

Heavensscents was originally created through a hobby as I love wax melts, so I thought why not make them myself! I started by making each wax melt ready to order in my kitchen with no expectation of much coming from it, especially so soon! This quickly became popular once i started selling them via facebook and Instagram so we decided to create our website as an easier platform for our customers to purchase our products from and an easier platform for us to manage our orders and keep check of stock! We had no idea it'd take off as much as it did but we are growing bigger and bigger each month!

In just 6 months we've gone from our little kitchen set up to moving to our garage which has been converted into our own mini workshop in which we have stock of all 30+ scents which are all ready to go once orders have been placed! In the long run i'd love to make wax melts as my full time job and have a workshop to work from along with my own little shop to sell them in, this is definitely an achievable target to reach with how many supportive customers we've already had purchase from us, i am however currently beyond happy with my current set up and so grateful for all the love and support so far from our loyal customers!

I'd also love to grow my team and have a few of us melting, pouring, packaging etc! It's something I really enjoy doing so the thought of gaining a few more people to join me and watch heavensscents grow is also another big milestone I'd love to reach in the near future!

We have recently re-branded completely to Mymelts, we felt this re-brand was necessary as the past year we've learnt a lot, made some mistakes & learnt from these, we also just felt that we wanted a fresh name to match with a fresh logo and business cards as previously they didn't all match up. we also wanted to do this before our customer base got any bigger to save any confusion, we didn't realise how successful we would be when we created heavensscents therefore didn't put too much thought into the name and branding however we had planned the mymelts name, logo and business cards months and months prior to the change.

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