About Us

MyMelts was created at the start of 2020 across a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, we had no idea that wax melts would be so popular.

We first started with our first message on Facebook coming in the very same day asking to order some of our melts in the scent Snowfairy, this one order in the first day quickly became over 30 orders in the first week, which really took us by surprise as we’d only just started promoting our melts and they got so much interest straight away!

We did some research on our competition and we quickly noticed that we were charging a very small fraction of what our competitors were. We decided to take full advantage and create a platform for people (such as yourself) to view and possibly purchase high quality, affordable and lets not forget the amount of Wax Melts. The amount we sell is what makes us stand out from other wax melt companies as the majority of our competitors sell their wax melts in smaller quantities such as 6 small hearts for £3.

Why Did We Create A Website?

We started the shop for customers to easily find the right scents without having to message on social media (which you can still do) as people don’t like to wait for answers. This is more ideal and trustworthy for those who don't 100% trust paying for goods through social media as it is not as secure and it also saves the hassle of communication that not everybody wants, some people just want to be able to order and browse in peace.

The main reason the website was created was the fact that orders can easily be tracked using a website and we can see who’s ordered what and keep the chances of messing an order up to a low. It also gives us a clearer indication as to which scents our customers love most so we can keep on top of always improving our melts to ensure our customers only get the finest quality products.

Will We Be Making More Scents?

Yes! Our website will and social media platforms will be updated regularly with new scents, these will be based mainly on feedback from our customers/followers as to what gets suggested as we want to be adding scents that everyone will be interested in. We are regularly creating polls on our Instagram story which allows our customers to vote for their favourite scents and also allows us to establish our best selling products so we’ll know which ones really need stocking up on!

It’s turned into a passion for us to create new smells, it’s like we are scientists trying to find cures (insert joke here) without the actual science… or cures.

Standing Orders

We are trying to make it easy for customers to set a standing order (this mainly targets businesses e.g. Salons) as we know how important it is to have a room smelling nice. This is aimed especially at business’ such as lash technicians and nail technicians, especially those who work from home and get paranoid their house doesn't smell nice!

We will make it our duty to keep you stocked up and keep your nose at ease. You choose the dates, amounts and scents and we’ll take care of the rest at a discounted rate. 

Bouns: The longer you’re a customer the better rates you’ll receive with exclusive scents and freebies on new products.

Will We Be Opening A Store?

The long term goal would include a shop but at the current stage the answer is sadly no. Just imagine walking into our shop with all those smells, it would be amazing to have some day.

Maybe when we make a business plan there will be a shop somewhere in the dream however, that’s all it is at its current stage, dreams and wishes.

What Is The MM Mission?

Most businesses have a goal or aim to what they want their business to turn into however, we will be completely honest, that question hasn’t even crossed our minds until now. We would hope to see people on the website purchasing Wax Melts all day everyday but, at the same time we’d like to do more on the blogging side of things and try to help people improve the style of their homes. 

It’s easy to make a website to sit back and sell products but when you’re a home run business creating wax melts day and night you spend a long time in one place (home or in this case the kitchen) that’s why we want to share tips on what you can do to give your home some life.

We want to be able to watch this business grow whilst making sure everything remains hand made, from the making to the packaging as to us that's one thing that makes us feel proud of our products is knowing they've been all hand made by a passionate team!

Fun Fact

With all the time we spend waiting on our wax melts to form shape we’ve mastered the technique of making a mean martini (shaken not stirred) that hits like a dream.

Our Recipe

  • 2 oz Dry vermouth, 4 oz Gin
  • Pour the alcohol into a shaker with ice
  • Shake for 15 seconds EXACTLY
  • Pour into cocktail glass
  • Use chilled lemon peel and squeeze by hand to get the oil extract
  • Slap in some clear ice cubes or regular cubes if you don’t care for perfection
  • Leave to sit for 30 seconds
  • Sip away at your perfect Martini on the rocks

Drink Responsibly & Never Drink & Drive